DV 101

​In order to gain power and control, abusers use tactics like those listed below. This is not an exhausted list.
Intimidation: Creates fear, damages property.

Emotional abuse: Humiliation, Calls the person names.

Isolation: Controls where the other person goes, friends, and work.

Minimizing, denying, and blaming: Makes light of the abuse, denies abuse, shifts blame.

The children: Uses the children against the other.

Gender privilege: Treats the other like a servant; tells the other what they can and cannot do.

Economic abuse: Prevents the other from working, may not give the other sufficient funds for groceries and other needs.

Coercion and threats: Make threats to hurt; threatens to commit suicide.

The abuser systematically uses these tactics that create the spokes of the wheel.

These methods ultimately ensure that abuser has Power and Control - thus it is listed at the center of the wheel.