Get Involved

It Takes a Village


We meet the fourth Monday of every month at 6 pm at 312 West King Avenue in Kingsville. 

Let us be Your Speaker

Whether you are hosting a small group, a neighborhood block party, or an organizational meeting. Let us be your speaker and help you brainstorm things that your group can do now.

Become a Trusted Location

Trusted Location training involves educating churches, organizations, businesses, and individuals on the basics of domestic violence and how to respond to individuals.

It includes an overview of police proceedings, protective orders, safety planning, supporting individuals, county courts victim advocate services, and the resources the Purple Door offers in our community. Individuals associated with a business, church, or other organization can become a Trusted Location.

When an individual sees the Trusted Location decal, they will know that there is someone trained at this site to assist individuals in domestic violence relationships. These conversations are not intended to be lengthy, but rather help the individual connect with other agencies.

Perhaps, the individual can use the business phone to make an appointment with the Purple Door or the victim’s advocate in the County Attorney’s office.

In addition, these trained individuals can inform and educate our community on domestic violence.

Courtroom Accompaniment

Any individual wishing to have support in the courtroom during any proceeding may request court accompaniment by reaching out via email or through the Purple Door or County Attorney's office.

We believe that no one should go alone into a court room.